Jalisco Ecotourism & Montaña Region

Sierra de Tapalpa Jalisco

The Montaña region of Jalisco or Mountain Region in English features mountain chains such as the Sierra de Tapalpa, Sierra del Tigre and the Sierra del Halo. The principal communities in this area are Tapalpa and Mazamitla.

Mountain Bike Jalisco

The area is crammed with forests and green valleys and the state promotes ecotourism in the area with activities such as rappelling, mountain biking, parasailing and hiking. The area’s gastronomy offerings includes local sweets and dairy products.

The Sierra Region of Jalisco is between the Centro and coastal areas. Mountains chains in this area include the Sierra de Quila and the Sierra de Manatlán. The mountain range Sierra Madre Occidental stretches all the way from Jalisco to the U.S. border. Locally, the range includes Los Huicholes, Los Guajalotes, the San Isidro Mountains, El Gordo Hill and the Tequila volcano. Jalisco residents enjoy weekend trips to San Isidro, where they can take in beautiful views of the mountain range.

Mountain Hiking Jalisco

Hikers can be seen on most days climbing the ragged peaks and crossing the lush valleys which make up the Montaña region of Jalisco.