Lake Chapala Jalisco

Lake Chapala Jalisco

Made famous by Mexico’s President Porfirio Diaz, Lake Chapala began its notoriety in the late 19th century. Lake Chapala remains hugely popular with Mexico’s elite who have established the lake’s reputation for chic and sometimes indulgent vacationers. Nowadays, Lake Chapala is popular as a weekend getaway and the area is home to a significant foreign population mainly from the United States and Canada. Lake Chapala, the famous because it’s the largest expanse of inland water in Mexico, is situated about 55 kilometers (34 miles) southeast of Guadalajara. The greater part of the lake lies in Jalisco, with the southeastern portion in Michoacán.

Fishing Lake Chapala Jalisco

Fishermen from around the world visit to catch the Carp, catfish and whitefish which abound in the lake.

The lake is a major tourist attraction, on which people sail, fish and Jet Ski in its clean and fresh waters. Lake Chapala is surrounded by numerous small rural towns including Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Tizapán el Alto and Ocotlán. Ecotourism is the main activity around the lake with activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, golf and tennis along with spas/water parks like those in Chapala, Jamay, Jocotepec and La Barca.

Zona Norte Jalisco

The region known locally as “Norte” or “el Norte” (the north) is the home of the indigenous tribes of the Wixarika and Huichols although there are significant communities of an ethnicity known as the Cora also. The area is known for its indigenous culture as well as its rugged, isolated terrain. Other major indigenous communities in the area also include the Bolaños and Huejúcar.

mariachis Jalisco

Jalisco’s diversity, idyllic landscapes and cultural traditions make it one of Mexico’s most visited tourist destinations. The state has introduced the world to the traditions of mariachis, tequila, the Ballet Folklórico, the Mexican Hat Dance, charros and sombreros.

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